Riding With Marie

30/07/2008 09:39 by Amsterdamize

Yesterday morning I received an urgent e-mail from Mikael saying that Marie, his co-blogger and Copenhagen cycle fashionista in crime had taken a one day detour to Amsterdam on her EuRail trip through Europe. He asked me to meet up with her, knowing very well we’d have a ball.

And he was right, obviously. Marie is a sweetheart, great company and a hoot to ride around with. Naturally, I strategically whipped out my phone camera and recorded it all for digital eternity.

From my ‘Copenhagen Cycle Chic Meets Amsterdamize’ photoset:

Here’s what happened during our cycle-tour-and-talk moments of that splendid day. We also tried a quick live mobile tv broadcast from the upper terrace of The Blue Tea House in Vondelpark, talking to Mikael.

Don’t forget, you can see all of Amsterdamize Bicycle TV right here.

Marie traveled to Marseilles, France today. She reckoned she won’t be cycling much. I can only hope she does…for the sake of Marseilles :).

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