Things I Saw While Cycling

21/08/2008 23:48 by Amsterdamize

Last night I pedaled my way downtown to meet a friend. As I approached Leidseplein, which is known for its buzzing business in the evening, I saw people dancing to what turned out to be the Lindy Hop, some in vintage style clothing. Accompanied by a live singer/bass player, it was good fun. Sure enough, a bike was also part of this scene. Part promotional (link to the Lindy Hop website), part coat hanger, part sound system (speakers in the front basket & panniers), these people found good purposes for an old transport bike. Lovely. Also, it’s no wonder James Howard Kunstler used Leidseplein as an example in his 2004 TED presentation of a public space where people want to be.

Lindy Hop on Leidseplein

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