Sinfonia Cyclissimo

04/12/2008 11:35 by Amsterdamize

5 Min Interval: Finish

I have shown you many different impressions of cycling in Amsterdam (oh, Paris and Copenhagen too, I’d almost forget) over the last six months. Some targeted at a certain topic, some for ambiance, and quite a few just to express myself.

Anticipation For Two.

Anticipation For Two.

This city is a place where people want to be, not just because they have to. A place for people, on foot and on bicycles. An historic, thus a dense city, as well. Limited in space, so there has always been a need for maximizing the possibilities, advancing, evolving…and often departing from common conventions. Throw some Dutch pragmatism and fortitude in there and voila, you get a very special cocktail for urban development. Not forgetting the very Dutch nature of being vocal about what they want and need (it’s nice to get something back from paying all those taxes).

In short, Amsterdam may seem chaotic and obscure, hell, even exotic (not from this world) to many visitors, but it embodies everything good and bad of its people. What you see is what you get.

Give Me Light.

Give Me Light.

In this particular video I tried to bring all aspects of cycling in Amsterdam (and the Netherlands as a whole, imo) together. The individuality of the people, the absolute normalcy of cycling, come rain or shine, a few facilities, the interactions, vibes, flow and probably a few things that fall in between, left for interpretations.

The Dutch have made cycling part of their DNA, it’s in their social fabric. It’s been a long time since they last stopped, paused and thought about how it came about. Why giving it a second thought when there’s no real need, right?. It’s just there. And it shows.

Particularly with Amsterdammers. They have always had an edge on the rest of the country when it comes to style, non-conformity and ingenuity. It’s a joy to watch and an inspiration for any creative spirit.

I like to think this video will also help convince any hardcore denier that the possibilities are endless. Analyzing and interacting with cycle gear heads all over the interwebs, I’ve heard too many excuses for too long now, big and small. Now would be a good time to stop backpedalling and just embrace it.

Explaining why I came up with this title and that score (as an idea beforehand) is probably not necessary, but I’ll just say it was a no-brainer :-p. (Hold your horses, I know I coulda/shoulda/woulda called it ‘Ciclissimo’, but I didn’t. So there)


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