Cycle Fix For Mikael

16/05/2009 09:33 by Amsterdamize



My good cycle chic friend Mikael and proprietor of Copenhagenize & Copenhagencyclechic dropped in yesterday evening for a quick stopover in Amsterdam before heading home.

After four days of talking bike culture at the international and very popular Velocity 2009 conference in Brussels (a city that desperately needs to do an infrastructure overhaul, to say the least), it was pretty clear he needed a fix.

No, that substance was not included, we left it to the accord of the sheer intoxicating beauty of hundreds of thousands of people on bicycles moving about in the city.

Henry from Workcycles provided his ride, I assumed the role of a non-structured tour guide and we used the limited amount of time as well as we could.

Of course we whipped out our photo cameras and I recorded a little video for prosperity with my mobile (warning: crappy quality).

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