Cycle Chic No Matter What

10/06/2009 15:06 by Amsterdamize

Lauren in Amsterdam

After a brief hiatus, I can now post again about my life on (and off) two wheels. In this case, four wheels, as I was fortunate to be host to Lauren, visiting me before flying off to her destination for the summer, Italy.

No better way to explore (and show off) Amsterdam than by bike. You know that by now. That, and on something that will float on the canals, of course. The weather was typically Dutch on the verge of summer, so hardly the best, but forgiving enough to enjoy the slower paced activities that this city accommodates.

Lauren blended in and stood out at the same time, graciously and more Cycle Chic that most Dutch women, weaving through traffic, enjoying her surroundings and having a giggle or two with all those Dutchies riding circles around her ;).

Lauren in Amsterdam

Suffice to say, we had a great time…then the unexpected happened:

Well I went to the left to pass a biker and all of a sudden I became parallel with the tram lines and then my wheel went right into the line…as it was all going down and I was going down for that matter a million things were going through my mind like “YOU KNOW YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO STAY AWAY FROM THE TRAM LINE!” “F*ck I am in foreign country and about to have an accident”, “please don’t let a car hit me”, oh my goodness my parents are going to be so worried” and finally….”this is mortifying!!!!”

Yes, very unlucky. However, you’ll find that after a medical checkup she didn’t let the bruises dampen her spirits. In true form and with a great sense for reality, she came to grips with it and moved on.

She could easily have been Dutch :).

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