Keep Pedalling [Rap Update]

22/07/2009 23:44 by Amsterdamize

“The worlds of hip hop and cycling finally collide in Keep Pedalling, the new film clip from Hugo and Treats. Filmed on one sunny day in Brunswick, North Melbourne, Australia, at the Brunswick Free Ride. No politics, just Bicycles. Directed by Colby Welsh, Josh Beahan and Hugo.

Keep Pedalling, people.”

For more info about Hugo go to or find him on facebook.

For more music go to

Update: after posting this @ig_fahrrad on Twitter pointed me to something far more funkier: the bicycle-rap-video by Skero ft. Kamp, from Vienna, Austria. Check out ‘Fuss vom Gas! (Foot off the throttle!):

Wicked! Can you say ‘Pimp My Ride’? Ganz genau!

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