Daddy's Got A Brand New Bike [Update]

07/09/2009 08:48 by Amsterdamize

My good friend Jan-Eric browsed bikes for months on end, trying to find a proper bike for him and his 2 year old son. New, second-hand (if you include 1930’s Gazelle transport bikes) and he was recently handed-down a 35-year-old Gazelle gents bike by a friend to tie him over.

This weekend he visited me for my house warming party and as he rode with me on the back of my bike on Friday afternoon, we figured we might as well get him a good rental bike. So we oozed over to Workcycles.

The rental part quickly faded when he entered the shop. He talked to mechanic Tom about his needs:

His eyes zoned in on one that matched all the criteria…a black Fr8, the cross-frame model with white fat tires. Yeah, one of Mr Freight’s brothers.

They talked details a bit and Jan-Eric went for a test ride. Fast forward 5 minutes. “Wow…”, “Smooth…”, “Beautiful…”. “Ok, how much is it?”, “…oh, really.” “You can deduct it from your business account through the national Fietsenplan.”. Fast forward another 5 minutes: “Tom, how quickly can you get it ready for me?” “One hour.” “Ok, please do, I’ll take it.”

Obviously, Jan-Eric had fallen in love with it. It was sort of at ’second sight’, as he was very familiar with my bike, but I’m sure this black steed appeared all new to him.

We watched as Tom made the adjustments Jan-Eric wanted. Handlebars like mine (wider, more comfortable), coat guards to ensure that his son won’t hurt himself when he takes his feet out of the fitted foot rests), test-fitting a Bo-Bike seat, attaching a steel cable to secure his Brooks saddle, and last but not least, ‘No Fr8 without a crate‘.

No FR8 Without A Crate

All done, we rode off, two FR8’s side by side, as it seems it was meant to be. One owner totally amused, another completely smitten.

Double Fr8 Parking

Double Fr8 Parking

His maiden ride that evening was quite interesting, as it couldn’t be more Amsterdamish; one big string of downpours would follow us through the night when we went bar/club-hopping.

This Weather Ain't Funny Anymore

“At least we’ve got the water baptism over and done with”.

Club Night Parking

Parking them in the bike garage next to club Paradiso prompted another shot…but the moment that really iced the cake was when we exited the supermarket the next day. Tens of kilos worth of food but mostly beverages needed to be hauled back home. Perfect job for the Freight Brothers. No sweat, either.

Loaded Up

Stay tuned for the video of Jan-Eric leaving the shop and venturing into town on his first real ride.

[Update] Meanwhile, check out this visual of Jan-Eric’s son, checking out the Fr8. You can hear him think “Now this is the perfect ring side seat for me…”. :)

Daddy's Got A Brand New Bike - Follow Up

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