Beauty And The Bike

20/12/2009 13:05 by Amsterdamize

The video ‘Beauty and the Bike’ has been spreading like wildfire in the bike blogo/twittersphere and was well received, I don’t think anyone missed that one and neither did I. Yesterday reader Gerco pointed me to it, and instead of just acknowledging its existence, I’m now posting it too:

This is an 8 minute version of our 55 minute documentary Beauty and the Bike. The film follows two groups of young women from Darlington and Bremen. Between them, they discover what makes – and stops – teenage girls from cycling. The answer? “It’s the Infrastructure, stupid!” The full DVD is available from

Up until now I had nothing to add to this excellent video. It’s all true, true to life. Just ask any Dutch girl. Or boy, woman, man, the elderly, etc.

Last Friday I was shooting pictures around town (for the upcoming post ‘Winter Cycle Wonderland’) and I think four of these pictures basically represent that ‘beauty’ and so many other values. Quite universal, wouldn’t you think?

Winter Cycle Wonderland

Winter Cycle Wonderland

Winter Cycle Wonderland

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