Two Days Before Xmas

23/12/2009 16:38 by Amsterdamize

I went around town for some serious Christmas shopping, but not without stopping and getting off Mr Freight to click away at a few familiar cycle scenes.

T minus 10 seconds

Had je me maar - If only you had me

Give your cycle life some color

My crate was full, time to go home

This leaves me with one more thing…

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year, Y'all

Starting Amsterdamize in the summer of 2008 was great, 2009 proved to be even better and 2010…well, I’m not in the prediction business, but as long as I got you as my audience I know it will be awesome!

So I say thanks for your passion for cycling, sharing your stories, enjoying mine and making my journey ever so interesting!

See you here and on Amsterdamize in 2010!



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