Frosty Transition

07/01/2010 18:07 by Amsterdamize

My hiatus is over, the new year is already 7 days old, time to move. What I’ve been up to you, you ask? Oh, you know, the usual. Kicking back in my peculiar way, seeing relatives for xmas, spending quality time with Lauren and celebrating that big ol’ street party with friends and some more unwinding. A few excerpts of all those things related:

Lauren stepping up after stepping down from the plane

Post-Xmas city cycling

Street/bike view from Cafe 't Smalle in the Jordaan

Traffic heating up on Dam Square at 20 minutes to 12

A few minutes into the new year on Nieuwmarkt

Blurry canal tour boat view on some bridge bike parking

Colder, but the same

Colder, but the same

Colder, but the same

Waving their goodbyes

Air trail

Two fathers, three sons

King of the world

Take your banana time

And of course there's only one way to get there

Transport modes crossing paths at winter dusk, Leidsestraat

And just when you think it's all winding down...

Here’s to nothing but the best (cycling) for you and your loved ones in 2010.

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