No Studs

11/01/2010 21:28 by Amsterdamize

People keep asking me whether we Dutch ride with tire studs much during winters like this one. Nope. You just deal with it, adjust and take care out there. I certainly don't see the need, my Fr8 handles very well, plenty of traction, it's just a very well-balanced bike. Dare I say it...its weight comes in handy. I shot a few pics in between snow fall here and there, taking advantage of a bit of clear sight. Just as much as this city can make you pout when it's grey, wet and windy, the snow turns into something majestic. Vondelpark was really appealing to just stop, hear the silence and watch people go by in their new-found element.

Some of my fellow Amsterdam photographers ventured out on different times of the day, to show you all sides of this beautiful (yes, sometimes demanding) winter season.  

To close: as you may have noticed, Amsterdamize looks kinda empty. You'd be correct. Last week I tried auto-upgrading this blog and it messed up the database. After looking into it and weighing my options, I now have the daunting task of putting back over 400 posts, one by one. It's a long story, let's just leave it at that. Anyhow, if you're a subscriber, my apologies for seeing all those old posts popping up in your feedreader again. This will go on for quite a while, I'm guessing, so bare with me. Cheers.

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