Foggy Monochromes

09/02/2010 00:47 by Amsterdamize

At first last weekend looked to be a dreary one. Cold, a thick fog and a tedious drizzle. The rain moved away, the grey blanket stayed put. Doing my cycle rounds in the city I quickly realized this could be the perfect time to switch my camera to monochrome. I wasn't disappointed. Giggle 'Giggle' Spotted 'A bachelorette party spotted me' Inter-Cycle-Section 'Inter-Cycle-Section' Ta-di-daUnderestimated Temps 'Ta-Di-Da' & 'Underestimated Temps' Wheels & Silhouettes 'Wheels & Silhouettes' ShopDoucement 'Shop' & 'Doucement' Decisive Moment 'Decisive Moment' Men Can MTStyle 'Men Can MT' & 'Style' Smile 'Smile' SmoochHm? 'Smooch' & 'Hm?' Time Is Relevant 'Time Is Relevant' Double EnergizerFwd 'Double Energizer' & 'Fwd' De Blauwe Duim / The Blue Thumb 'De Blauwe Duim / The blue Thumb' It was all thumbs up.

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