New York Cycle Chic Touchdown

17/02/2010 11:47 by Amsterdamize

Staying ahead of a serious snow storm, Lauren arrived in Amsterdam one day early to spend a short week with a city that had just welcomed a new white coating. Leading up to this, she was very excited about the prospect of riding her new bicycle around. Not the omafiets I had bought her around the holidays, but a different one, the very special Workcycles Secret Service I had won in the BicycleMania photo contest. All that was left for her to do, was hop on the back of my bike and ride with me to the place where the small prize ceremony would unfold.

We were welcomed by Eduard Planting of 'Fine Art Photographs', Bert van Essen of The Expat Journal, the publisher of BicycleMania and Henry Cutler of Workcycles, who sponsored the first prize. I can safely say this bicycle found its rightful owner. Lo Time Lo Time Lo Time Lo Time Lo Time Lo Time Lo Time Lo Time Meeting up with Daniela and her Camilla Lo Time This stylish and dependent new friend will be waiting for Lauren when she returns in May, this time to stay.

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