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24/02/2010 12:31 by Amsterdamize

Last Sunday I played guide for the Mobile Social Group Ride, organized by Byron of Bikehugger, as a prelude to his presentation 'Changing The World With Bikes' at the FITC Amsterdam 2010 (- "Design, Technology. Cool Shit") conference at the Felix Meritis European Centre for Arts and Sciences on Keizersgracht. BikeHugger Day 'It's prohibited to place bicycles against this building's facade. Bicycles will be removed. This building has permanent camera surveillance.'

BikeHugger DayWe ended up with the four of us. I rode alongside Rick from Toronto and Byron and his wife Pam. We blamed the poor weather conditions, not everybody's cup of tea. Or some were just aiming for other destinations. Byron and I joked about how the weather's always crap when he and Pam hit Amsterdam. And when it's not raining, snowing or frogs falling from the sky, when we start riding, it eventually will. It's a given. ;) FITC provided two, very artsy/colored beater bikes for the ride, put together by Champagne Valentine, one more crooked/bend than the other. Very cool. Still, we needed one more bike, so we thought we'd head over to Workcycles (where a small reception would take place later that afternoon) and see if we could borrow one. Henry hadn't arrived yet, so we pedaled on to MacBike at the central station. And by 'pedaled' I mean that Byron was sitting side saddle on the back of Mr Freight. Not an opportunity to waste, of course:

We rode on to the Plantage buurt (near Artis Zoo) and forced by a downpour we fled into a nearby cafe. Cycling in the rain ain't a biggie, but if there's no absolute need to torture yourself, treat yourself to some nice beers instead. It was equally nice to just talk about stuff that transcends the act of cycling, aka our professional realms. I discovered that I had even more in common with my guests than just the love for bicycles/cycling. Yeah, always funny how that works.

The final stop was at Henry's, who had provided for great finger food and more beers. A setting for lots of (real) bike geek talk and showing off stuff, as you can imagine...but with items you might not have guessed. :) Meanwhile in the city, things transpired as usual, people going about their way. BikeHugger Day BikeHugger Day BikeHugger Day BikeHugger Day BikeHugger Day BikeHugger Day (Yeah, I know, it's not raining in those pictures. But for editorial purposes, this just will have to do :-p)

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