He Takes Pictures Of People On Bicycles

19/03/2010 16:56 by Amsterdamize

Long story short: yesterday I ran/rode some errands, I went all over town and naturally I took the opportunity to shoot some pictures for the blog. People were out and about, all very nice. Another Way Of Making Use Of A Cargo Bike AND Keep An Eye On Your Baby Sister/Brother Another way of making use of a cargo bike AND keep an eye on your baby sister/brother Dutch Doctors Insist And Prescribe This Betty Page Is Aging Well Dutch doctors insist and prescribe this & Betty Page is aging well Tourists Stop And Wonder How We Do It Tourists stop and wonder how we do it... Some People Actually Stop Pedaling To Browse On Their iPhone Wesley Sneijder Alike Some people actually stop pedaling to browse on their iPhone & Wesley Sneijder Alike I Wish I Had A Bicycle "I wish I had a bicycle.." This Is How Our Cycle Chic Young Hatch In Amsterdam This is how our Cycle Chic young hatch in Amsterdam The twist in this all too familiar story started to unfold after arriving at Museum Square, always a place for nice urban scenes, for example: Two Unleashed Two unleashed She Has Her Heart In The Right Place Flat She has her heart in the right place & flat Serious Conversation Serious conversation For a few of these pictures I had sat down on the brick path. I got up, walked to my bike and just as I was about to pedal off, a voice from behind the fence authoritatively asked: "Sir, what are you doing?" I looked back, stopped and with one foot down, ready to roll on, I said: "What do you mean?' - "You can't take pictures. Are you taking pictures of this building?" [The building being the US Consulate] "No, that is of no interest to me." [His fellow walkie-talkie-man joined him] - "What are you taking pictures of?" "I do street photography, I take pictures of people on bicycles." - "Did you take pictures of that?" [He points at the police surveillance booth next to one of the bike paths, 30 meters away] "No, that is also of no interest to me. If it shows up in one of my pictures, it's purely incidental." -"Right..." [I can tell he is still sizing me up..] "Sure. But regardless, this is a public place, just like the rest of the city, there's no avoiding people taking pictures." - "This is a security matter, we have to ask." [He lifts his walkie-talkie and pushes the button] - "Central, this is [...], the subject is taking pictures of people on bicycles." "We're clear?" - "We're clear." "Have a nice day." - "You have a nice day, too, sir." I rode off to the intersection up ahead, passing the police booth. I gave 'them' an only half-sarcastic wink and a smile, but the poor sods were behind tinted windows. At least I'm out in the open. A risky business, apparently, but they will have to pry this camera from my hands, dammit. I continued: That's A Nice Bentley, But You Still Have To Wait "That's a nice Bentley, but you still have to wait" And in conclusion more fittingly: "We were here first, and we're going to be here last." We Were Here First, And We're Going To Be Here Last

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