Observations Vélo

29/03/2010 13:48 by Amsterdamize

Life on two wheels isn't any different from life on two legs. It's just more appealing, if you ask me. As vélo pop culture would have it: 'You look better on a bike.' I'd add: 'If you can walk it, you can ride it'. Ride On Texting in comfort class Ride On Moving green Ride On Ride On An optimist in March & errands in red Come On Dad's in a hurry Blue Before you step out the door, you make sure you're color coordinated Character Peace You're in a good mood and you're not afraid to show it Push That Button Kids learn, by example Friends School's out, gossip to be shared Color Coordinated The ride to work in the morning was colder than the ride home Amstel Chic Amstel Chic Cycle Chic passing Amstel Chic Generational Cycle Chic Like mother, like daughter Always Available Out Of Office Business As Usual Not strictly out-of-office, but business as usual Lean Chat Stop and lean & stop and chat DHL Amsterdam When a courier, you might as well work for DHL Amsterdam, it has all the perks

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