As Dutch As ... A Bicycle Hotel

21/04/2010 22:34 by Amsterdamize

Queen's Day is just around the corner. Ok, still over a week to go, but with so many people preparing for the biggest outdoor party evah, this fever just takes over, you'd almost forget it's just about celebrating someone's birthday...which isn't really her's :). Queen's Day 2009

Queen's Day 2009There are many dead giveaways to know you've submerged into something typically Lowlandish. If you think tourist season in Amsterdam is busy, think again. The streets function merely as vague indications of routes through an ant farm, when you realize over a million more people than usual roam the city. Perspective: Amsterdam has about 750.000 inhabitants, a little over a million if you include the suburbs. Oh, and I can only guess how many partygoers venture out on the canals.

Orange, lots of orange. No escape from orange. You wouldn't want to be caught dead wearing something this orange on a workday or in the weekend, but on this day (and the night before) it's obligatory and people take their creativity to a whole new level. Hell, it's suspicious if you don't. It's always fun to see what's new, the new fad this time. I'm sure many first-time visitors who never heard of April 30th will need a bit more adjusting than they bargained for. But, once the senses have settled, keen observers should be able to distinguish many Dutch traits and treats. Queen's Day 2009 As Dutch as tulips, windmills, wooden shoes...and bicycles.

Speaking of treats: as Queen's Day is really a very good an extremely good reason to visit Amsterdam, I guess mixing it up a bit wouldn't hurt that first could book yourself a room in the Bicycle Hotel:

"Bicycle Hotel is a cosy place to stay located in the centre of Amsterdam in the cultural district of De Pijp. It is close to all the key sights and within walking distance of RAI, Van Gogh and the Modern Art Museum. The hotel is well known for its bike rental services with the possibility of hiring carrier bikes and cycling solutions for families with children."
Amsterdam and the Bicycle Hotel, it doesn't get more Dutch than that, right? And I happen to know Amsterdam Hostels run a nice competition this year, a good (read: real easy for Amsterdamize aficionados) opportunity to win free rental bikes if you book before...yeah, April 30th. Check it out!

Where I'll be on Queen's Day this year? It's not final yet, but it looks like I'll be walking into town and getting on a boat with a couple dozen more slightly intoxicated individuals. If you happen to be in da Dam, look out for me...I'm the guy wearing the orange wig, white t-shirt and red, white & blue flip flops. Oh, and dragging a big ass camera around. :-p Queen's Day 2009

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