This Is Amsterdam And This Is My Bike

08/07/2010 08:15 by Amsterdamize

Quoting Henry:
A little bit of bike rap Courtesy of the City of Amsterdam who is finally waking up to the fact that bicycles are one of the Netherlands greatest attractions and on e of the strongest reasons it’s just such a darn lovely, peaceful place to visit or live. The incredible cycling mode share enables very high population density without the typical urban noise, danger and stress. Much of the 17th and 18th century city remains not as a museum but as a living, breathing, charming city as the city was once defined: a place for people. We love riding our bikes here… with our kids, dogs, SO’s, to work, to the pub, to school or just for the sake of riding!
It's still true. The world around us is experiencing a surge in bicycle advocacy, people desperate for more 'active transportation' in an often hostile car-dependent society, while the Dutch take their achievements mostly for granted, both nationally and in international context. Amsterdam has a strong case to push aside the aged cheese, tulip & windmill (and pot & prostitution) associations, emphasizing its livability by embracing the bicycle as main transportation. The Netherlands as a whole could also do with a little shedding on that front. Right now 'we' are not doing enough. The end game of successful bicycle policies is that nobody will have to think twice about getting on a bike. Young and old, rich and poor. It's just the logical thing to do. AMS Summer Winter Cycle Wonderland - Part Deux In short, feel...

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