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13/07/2010 10:16 by Amsterdamize

18:00 on Sunday, July 11 2010. Lauren and I, and much of Amsterdam (& beyond) were moving towards Museum Square to watch the World Cup Final. I'm cheating a bit here (as catching up on ones blog posts will have you do), letting Lauren's experience of all of this do the talking, through the 'unbiased' eyes of someone who just moved to the Netherlands. Here and there I inserted some more orange clad bike stuff ;).
Even with the disappointing outcome of the World Cup Finals the night of the game was still great. Marc really wanted to watch the game in Museumplein with about 200,000 of his country men and women so that is where we headed! We got there around 6pm so we could witness and be a part of the excitement and partying. But the day didn’t start at the Museumplein and neither did the partying…it was going on ALL over the city! As you can see [above], football fans come in all ages and sizes…
And as my luck would have it the day of the World Cup Finals my bike had a flat tire but as Marc and I waited for it to be fixed Marc found lots of inspiration for his photographs..
World Cup Cycle Chic a la Orange Delicate Orange Touch
-Tres Chic in her Orange-
Once my tire was fixed we were off to join in with the rest of the city…
Believe it or not I actually have NO orange in my wardrobe here so I had to DIY something really quick…I grabbed Marc’s Polo orange belt and was ready to go! We cheered with some more fans along the way…
And of course the scene once we got to Museumplein was one of pure craziness and insanity….we couldn’t wait to join in!
And then the cans of Orange smoke were opened in anticipation of the game…these fans were going crazy!
What came next was beautiful too! There were multiple helicopters circling above the field and they started to throw out orange flowers over the crowd! If you look closely in the picture below you can see the flowers being released.
Caught one!
It was such an amazing feeling to be with all these people for the game…every attempted goal, every foul, every good or bad play received a reaction from the crowd and at times you could literally feel the ground move. We all know the unfortunate outcome and I can only begin to imagine how this city would have celebrated a Holland victory…something I wish I could have experienced. I am sure a Houseboat or 2 would have been sunk. As we rode home through the now quiet Vondel Park, Marc just kept repeating how he couldn’t believe they had lost. He was so sad The experience was an amazing one for me and one I will not soon forget. I have a feeling the following words or something of the sort ”I was living in Amsterdam when the Dutch were in the 2010 WC finals…” will be coming out of my mouth for years to come.
Didn't have enough? Then go and read Henry's take on it. Like Lauren, he's an American expat, but a more 'experienced' and on topic one :).

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