Around The Market

09/08/2010 11:00 by Amsterdamize

As most of you know, my girlfriend Lauren moved here in May and, waiting for her residence permit to drop on the mat, it's safe to say she's enjoying herself exploring this city of ours. Part of that revolves around shopping, of course. And not too long ago Lauren concluded she'd been a fool resorting to regular stores, when there are so many markets around. Value for money, fresh produce & fun! So one Saturday we included the Albert Cuyp market in De Pijp on our route. A place so popular with Amsterdammers that the city deemed it necessary to employ a steward to regulate on-street bicycle parking. That aside, here are some samples of my market shopping impressions a la Hollandaise: Famous Flower Power First off: you're very likely to bump into a former photography subject, yet again Saturdays Around The Market Let's meet & don't forget your hat Chat It's very likely you'll meet friends on your way to the market Backseat Smile Sit back and relax while mom does all the shopping & smile Where Oh Where Where, oh where did I put that [...] Good Market Deals Chat Fresh & chat The Waiting Game This Granny Is Really A Mule K9 patience & "Whaddayamean, you can't haul stuff on a bike?" Top Ride Top Ride Dad & son/daughter, a popular combination Discuss Shopping Reward Together & treat yourself Walking into one last shop along the market, the owner noticed my camera, figured at first I was a tourist, but after correcting that he let me in on a 'public secret' of the Albert Cuyp market. He stepped outside and pointed at the rooftops: "Look at them [seagulls & herons], there, there, there and there, everywhere, like clockwork they've all lined up, taken position. At any moment now, they'll all come flying down to pick up what's left of that fish vender's stock. Not many people notice or know of it. I've been doing business here for over 20 years, but it never fails to amuse me. You should really wait for them to attack and take some nice pictures." Around The Market I did wait for a bit, but the waiting game took too long, even for me, while Lauren was keen on riding off with the new bike basket 'Albert Cuyp' provided for her. Life's little priorities, right? A New Basket A New Basket Oh, and you've noticed, Lauren is indeed my Cycle Chic muse :).

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