Snap The City

15/11/2010 21:36 by Amsterdamize

On Saturday Nov 14 I took part in the (second) Snap The City event, a coming together of photography enthusiasts...snapping the city with just smart phones & only allowed to edit/enhance the photos on the device. Not just that: assignments had to be given by followers/fans (mostly through Twitter) and we needed to complete 5 of them. Allocated time: 2 hours. Our domain: the Red Light District. Ha, a home game for me ;). I took to the streets with @CHADINAMSTERDAM. My first assignment was sent in by my buddy @bicyclemark, before Snap The City had even officially started: "Show me a street vendor, any kind will do." Top photo, meet Theo, from Amsterdam-Noord. I got to talk to him for half an hour, a real pleasure as he was a genuine Amsterdammer (8th generation) and a keen observer & admirer of this city's history. We're going to continue where we left off next time, for sure. The second assignment was webcast by @IcycleMEL from Melbourne, Australia: "I want to see a hooker on a bike." Predictable, obviously tricky too...nah, an easy one if you happen to know a 'short-cut' :). Third assignment: "Red shoes" by @LoveToPedal from Dallas, Texas. A Hooker On A Bike Red Shoes @Bicyclemark came through once more: "A picture of a window" A Picture Of A Window @LeoVerdonck from Amstelveen & Knokke (Belgium) requested "Bikes & bags". I figured 'Bikes & Boxes' would fit/be allowed too. An employee from the infamous Nieuwmarkt fish shop had just parked on Zeedijk for a fresh delivery. Bikes & Bags/Boxes Not 1 minute later, I captured a proper "Bikes & Bags". Bikes & Bags @Bicyclemark helped me out further with "Show the youngest & the oldest person wandering the Red Light District". I caught the latter, with the first I had passed up on some candidates, figuring I'd be able to snap a really young individual, as that's quite common in my hood, there being a kindergarten and all. I #failed :). The Oldest Person I Saw Wandering The RLD @thisjay requested "Someone on a bike with flowers". I got someone on a bike, waiting for her bouquet at the flower stand on Nieuwmarkt. Someone On Bike & Flowers And finally, my sweetheart @lstitle tweeted to help me out: "Someone carrying someone". I do that topic well. Carry On Suffice to say, it was good fun & a nice exercise. Looking forward to the next one.

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