Tree Rounds

11/12/2010 00:56 by Amsterdamize

Riding home on a late afternoon I lost track of Lauren around Nieuwmarkt square, I rode on, figuring I'd meet her out front at home. Then she called me, saying I should return to Nieuwmarkt. When I did, I saw her sitting on one of the marble benches. Mind you, it was a very cold afternoon, and Lauren doesn't do cold, so to speak. She quickly corrected my confusion: "Just look at this, these trees are so cute & beautiful! and they smell great!" Another example of this Dutchie taking things for granted. The scenes that unfolded prompted me to take off my gloves and slip into the role of bicycle culture photographer. This culture would have it that people pick up Christmas trees by bike, just as they pick up their kids, groceries or any other item. It's the convenient thing to do. Tree Rounds Tree Rounds Tree Rounds Tree Rounds Tree Rounds Tree Rounds We didn't end up buying one ourselves, as we'll be spending the week around Christmas in Milwaukee. I plan to smell their trees, too :).

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