White Dam

19/12/2010 19:00 by Sindandune

No matter how many times I see it, I -am not Marc by the way. Álvaro, nice to meet you- never get used to just how beautiful Amsterdam is when it's covered in white. Other than the tamed cars and the muffled noises, life really just goes on. Well, actually the city sort of cheers up a wee bit all of a sudden. amsterdam snow amsterdam snow Don't get me wrong, people in Amsterdam are always nice and cheerful, it's just a subtle mood switch. They will smile at you when you ride by them and wish you good luck. Anywhere you look there's someone throwing a snowball, a kid with a sled, a hipster snowboarding down canal bridges, and of course, people on two wheels. amsterdam snow amsterdam snow Or even three wheels. amsterdam snow amsterdam snow People still do their groceries, go to hockey practice, amsterdam snowamsterdam snow take the kids to school early in the morning and deliver parcels. amsterdam snowamsterdam snow And of course, Amsterdam girls still go around on their bikes looking fabulous, in their usual effortless sort of way of being pretty. amsterdam snow PS: Yours truly was kindly invited by Marc to bring in the point of view of an expat who loves this city and its bicycle culture to Amsterdamize. I wholeheartedly accepted.

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