No, You Fool

01/04/2011 18:03 by Amsterdamize

Predictably there were quite some April Fool's jokes of the bicycle kind, all over the world. To catch 'm on the go you really need to spend time on Twitter. The Dutch couldn't stay behind, of course. So here's my favorite of the day, in video format, by Heineken, to the tune of & borrowing the bicycle scenes from that infamous Dutch flick Turks Fruit (Turkish Delight): Funny/nice/cute, no? Well, you're a fool: it's actually for real. They actually sell those. For the launch of their new downtown shop, Heineken used this day to create some awareness. It worked. I can't say it's a step up from the usual milk crate, but I'll give 'm kudos for the effort. Now let me pop my La Trappe Tripel, to kick start the weekend. Somebody on Twitter just said it's going to be 25C. I'd be a fool not to drink to that.

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