Vondel Wonder

23/04/2011 08:29 by Amsterdamize

Weekend in Vondelpark. You wonder how it's possible, 3 weeks straight of nothing but summer-like weather. Yet another day (*gasp*) of getting together, in this case with Álvaro, his girl Tatiana & their friends from all over Europe, each bringing a contribution to the bbq. BBQ'd
Off and on, I glance in the distance, pick up my camera & snap. Or walk to the bike/ped path, sit my ass on the gravel & gaze in wonder. Or frantically hop on my bike and actually chase after some individuals. My bewonderment doesn't manifest itself because of the sheer 'critical mass', as that's a given. No, it's just about how incredibly at ease everybody looks, much more so than usual, as if my brain needed another reset. More of the 'take a load off' & loads of 'joie de vivre' vibes intoxicating one's mind. I'm Marc & I'm an addict. Adjust
Back Seat
'Back Seat'
Face It
'Face It' & 'Hi!'
Trailing Young
'Trailing Young'
Atta Girl
'Atta Girl'

"This Small!"
Different Priorities
'Different Priorities' Back Bending Fast
'Back Bending Fast' Straight Up Fast
'Straight Up Fast' Audience
Matrimony Matrimony
"LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL" & 'Sindandune'
Vondel Wonder Vondel Wonder
Beautiful & grand.

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