The New Amsterdam(ize) Bicycle Show. And Then Some.

26/04/2011 23:27 by Amsterdamize

In two days I'm off for a long weekend, returning to New Amsterd...I mean, New York City. Besides that the weather forecast is set to warm, I'm primarily going for another hot item: The New Amsterdam Bicycle Show:

New York Press Kicks Off Bike Month NYC 2011 With
The New Amsterdam Bicycle Show: Benefiting Transportation Alternatives
New York, N.Y. April 8, 2011. The first bike show in New York City was in Brooklyn in 1897, and 114 years later, we're bringing the bicycle show back! New York Press, Manhattan Media's lifestyle publication for the city's young trendsetters, and Transportation Alternatives announce The New Amsterdam Bicycle Show: Benefiting Transportation Alternatives. This show promises to dazzle attendees as much as The New York International Auto Show, which will end the same weekend that the bicycle show begins. This pivotal event will take place April 30, 2011, at Chelsea's new cultural venue Center 548, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., and will kick off Bike Month NYC 2011. The New Amsterdam Bicycle Show is thrilled to announce the addition of Raleigh Bicycles andBicycling Magazine as recent sponsors. Raleigh Bicycles will be setting up a huge exhibit at the show, featuring their new and classic bikes along with other amazing brands such as Bern Unlimited, Biomega, Jamis and Specialized. Bicycling Magazine, along with SRAM, will be sponsoring BIKELANDIA, the seminar section of the show, featuring readings, discussions, presentations and artwork throughout the day. Headlining BIKELANDIA will be a panel on urban youth cycling programs, led by editors from Bicycling Magazine, along with other influential cycling figures. The panel will include editors from Bicycling Magazine and noted bicycle bloggers. BIKELANDIA will also feature Anne Lutz Fernandez reading from her book Carjacked, followed by a Q&A with the author. Caroline Samponaro, the TA's director of bicycle advocacy, will also speak about safety and cycling issues in New York City. New York Press’ Gut Instinct columnist, Joshua M. Bernstein, will discuss bicycling safety and protocol. Also featured:
  • Bike giveaways from Sweden's Bike My Me and Cooper Bikes USA
  • Farmcart, the Bushwick-based caterers, will be pedal-pushing delicious sandwiches and treats
  • La Colombe Torrefaction, the world-renowned coffee-roasting company-roasting at the show
  • An urban bicycle fashion show produced by H.U.B and designer Nona Varnando
  • Kissena Cycling Club will be hosting fantastic stationary roller races
  • A hand-built bicycle row featuring A.N.T., Horse Cycles, Folk Engineered, Hold Fast, and Royal H
  • An indoor demo area to test-drive bicycles
  • More activities to come, to see our expanding list of our exhibitor's click here
The Consulate-General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands will also have a presence at the New Amsterdam Bicycle Show. They will be located next to Rolling Orange's booth, and will have world-renowned cycling blogger Marc Amsterdamize van Woudenberg charming the crowds. The Dutch Consulate was instrumental in bringing in many of the Dutch brands featured, brands such as Gazelle, WorkCycles, De Fietsfabriek and accessories by Basil and Yepp. Tickets are now available online here, and cost $15 for general admission in advance and $20 day of the event. The show will benefit Transportation Alternatives, the advocacy group dedicated to reclaiming the city's streets from automobiles. TA representatives will be on hand to provide valet bicycle parking to guests, as well as safe and useful bicycling tips for new New York City cyclists. This show heralds New York City as America's leading bicycle metropolis. It'll have something special for everyone, especially those just getting into biking, said Paul Steely White, executive director of Transportation Alternatives. Author of The Bicycle Diaries, musician and bicycle advocate David Byrne added: TA has been in the forefront of helping rebalance our priorities as far as urban transportation goes. For too many decades, we all just rolled over and gave the automobile whatever it, the oil companies and the carmakers wanted. Now we know better, cars are a wonderful invention, but there are greener ways to get around this city. Having a good life in our cities is possible, and these folks are helping bring us closer to that goal.

Sounds good, huh?

On Saturday, April 30th (missing Queensday in Amsterdam in the process) I'll be representing the Netherlands for all the good stuff that is cycling, know-how & other Dutch specialties, in the way I know best: by showing it & telling about it & sharing it, aka I'll be putting up a live video stream for the occasion (between 11:00-17:00 local time). Also, I'll be filming interviews & and, like mentioned above, be part of the Bikelandia panel 'Building A Better City For Biking Through Bike-Centric Blogs' for some serious blogging Q&A.

Before & after The New Amsterdamize Bicycle Show my itinerary consists of the following: Thursday: - Pick up my Workcycles Omafiets for the weekend, generously provided by Julie of Adeline Adeline. - Going out for dinner & drinks with dear friends Friday: - Meet & greet a few people in the city - Join the Queen's Day party at the Dutch Consulate Sunday: - Celebrate the kick-off of Bike Month by joining approximately 30.000 others for the 5 Boro Bike Tour hooking up with like-minded locals for the Un-5 Boro Bike Ride through NYC. The rest I'll play by ear :). #BikeNYC
So, #BikeNYC & others, come on down, bite the apple (or orange, in this case) and join the bike fun. You wanna hook up with Amsterdamize, little ol' me? Get that ticket or contact me through Twitter or e-mail, and hopefully we get to meet & ride for real. See ya! ... Oh, before I forget...Queen's Day & a massive bike tour, you have to come prepared, right? So I already have the bike sorted, but I do have to make an appropriate appearance...hence, I did some shopping. Now THAT'S my kind of hi-viz...see if you can pick me out of the crowd ;).

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