10/05/2011 14:28 by Amsterdamize is a project initiated by Fietsforce Foundation Amsterdam, founded and run by a group of Amsterdam students, who "believe strongly in the combination of business and social commitment." The foundation is supported by Pantar Amsterdam, one of the biggest employment re-integration companies in Amsterdam, which helps putting disenfranchised people to work. Finally, Fietsforce wouldn't have been possible without the help of the Start Foundation. Fietsforce: Fiets=Bicycle, + Force. You get the drift. Two-wheeled power. Social power. Because it provides a two-fold service: first, its mobile repair team services people with a broken down bike, on the spot. Second, Fietsforce provides youths the opportunity to learn skills, gain confidence & set off on a career path. There's a third plus: Amsterdam & the Netherlands in general suffer from a lack of bike mechanics. Hopefully this pilot project will keep enough of them in this realm, maybe even start up their own shop. There are never enough specialty bike shops! Below you can watch their enjoyable promotional video. I was asked by Fietsforce to wait a few weeks before posting this, as the service had quickly become a success, more demand than supply in this pilot period. Amsterdammers, take note: Fietsforce offers a 50% discount if you review their service! Well, I'll be sure to call 'm when that pesky moment comes...I'll wait a few minutes longer if I have to :).

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