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30/06/2011 17:57 by Amsterdamize

Summer ReturnsStatistics don't sell cycling, cycling does. People have to see and feel it for themselves to really understand the significance of putting cycling at the forefront of rethinking our urban mobility. The most powerful means second to that are the visual arts: photos and videos. My modus operandi.

I have more than plenty of photos to show, the video part has been falling behind this year. That's going to change. I ordered a GoPro camera. I recognized the power of this camera when I saw Paul Martin, part of the Australian Cycling Dutch Style group which I joined a few times on their study tour around the Netherlands a little while ago, put that camera to good use. It's awesome. Many visitors I host, have either followed Amsterdamize or have read up on cycling in the Netherlands otherwise, also going through tons of pictures and videos. Either they still couldn't believe it, or were expecting the ultimate cycling Walhalla. Yet, all of them, really all of them realized upon arrival that nothing beats experiencing the reality on the ground. Steven Vance from Chicago, for instance, was only half-joking when he uttered I was cherry-picking the best cycling moments with my camera...until he rode here himself. Alas, enough of the babbling. I positioned myself on the bridge over the Prinsengracht, leading towards one of the arterial bike routes in downtown Amsterdam, Nieuwe Spiegelstraat. Summer Returns

Summer ReturnsThat street is a one-way street for cars (not a through-way, but mostly used by people who live there or delivery vans), which can rarely (and won't) overtake people on bicycles (as it's a Bicycle Street) and a two-way street for people on bikes (and mopeds unfortunately) & a narrow sidewalk on each side. At that time on that Saturday it was not particularly busy, not like during the week when on average 25.000 people travel up and down this stretch on a daily basis. It's a fast, thus popular connection between the Museum quarter in the south and the downtown area, en route to Central Station. The video already received a first comment on Vimeo:

That is what the motor vehicle to bike ratio should be in every city...ideally.

I know, that's why I'm still living here :). Enjoy. If you have any questions, write it in the comment section.


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