My Bike Is Not Green

05/07/2011 18:57 by Sindandune

It's clearly red. Yet so many bicycle campaigns try to convince me otherwise it's disturbing. What it really is, is the best way to get from A to B. It is so for many reasons, not least because Amsterdam has made a big effort in making it convenient. Using a bike for getting around also happens to be green, economical, chic, fun, healthy, practical... you name it. Yet, as Marco quite brilliantly says over at Münchenierung, it can never be only marketing. hand in your parking ticket on the way out #amsterdam #bicycle #infrastructure
Take for instance the bicycle parking at train station in Amsterdam Zuid (WTC). You go, get a ticket, lock your bike, and off you go. Your bike will be there when you get back, safe and dry. It's even free for the first 24 hours! After that it's only 50 cents a day, so I tend to leave my bike there when I go to the airport. You will have a hard time convincing people to ride a bike because it's green -or economical, or chic, or fun or healthy, if they don't find it convenient and safe. At the end of the day, most people will simply do what it's easier for them to do. Nothing wrong with that, life's hard enough as it is.
Amsterdam loves it's bikes, no matter what colour they are.

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