Veraneando En Amsterdam

05/07/2011 01:25 by Amsterdamize

A new day, a new video camera, new opportunities. The early evening light was exquisite, so I just headed out, doodling about. 25 minutes of footage brought back to a little under 13. It was a beautiful maiden voyage for my little HD friend & it passed the, it aced it. For those interested: I shot it at 720p & 60 frames/sec*. Here you go, 'Veraneando En Amsterdam', or: enjoying summer in Amsterdam. Enjoy the ride*.

* I wanted to export it to HD 1080p, but it turned out to big. The same applied to the 720p version, too big for Vimeo. I had to choose between cutting it up yet again or leaving it at a lower resolution. I chose the latter. ** Over the years I've noticed (to put it lightly) that when people watch a video like this, they often comment: "But what about when it's raining or snowing? Surely, people won't cycle that much then?" Sure they do, because it's convenient. Here's an old video of mine shot in December 2008, 'Sinfonia Cyclissimo'. Or watch Mark Wagenbuur's videos, winter &

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