The Hop

18/07/2011 23:16 by Amsterdamize

On occasion I get asked to explain the side saddle hop, because to quite a few people it looks complicated & the Dutch make it look so easy. Or my guests want to try riding along on the back of my bike & but they'll settle for getting on while stationary. So here it is, an instructional video, the anatomy, if you will, of the genuine Dutch side saddle hop. A three-act. Perfection in motion.
No pressure, of course. Practice makes perfect, that's all :). UPDATE: Ricardo Javier sent me the following video of him and his girlfriend cycling around Amsterdam (it starts in the same area as where I shot my video), it includes some very nice side saddle action too. Thanks, Ricardo!
PS: riding side saddle is illegal in many countries, including Germany and Denmark. That's also the case in Australia (unsurprisingly), but little birds told me that some Ozzies continue to break this law and that they call it 'dinking'. Winners.

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