August: Off The Cuff

25/08/2011 22:10 by Amsterdamize

Random bits and pieces from the month of August that I caught along my cycle ways that are worth posting. Top photo: after over 6 months of nudging my Swedish-Egyptian expat neighbors, they finally acted upon it and got themselves two 2nd hand, practical bikes. With crate. For their French bull terrier Baby. The rain, oh the rain. The summer of 2011 went down as the wettest on record since 1906. Harsher winters, spring turns out to be our summer (yet again) and summers turn to fall. Nothing to see, moving on
'Never A Bike Bridge Too Far'. Never A Bike Bridge Too Far
Two friends making things tidy for the ride.
Ordening Ordening
Putting my GoPro camera to good use while testing the Brik Brut bicycle (more on that in October), for the obligatory ride down the bicycle parking garage at Central Station. GoPro
'Strolling In The Red Light District' & 'Mr Fr8 Got A Brand New Crate'
Strolling In The Red Light District Mr Fr8 Got A Brand New Crate
'Canal View'
Canal View
'A Bike Is A Terrible Thing To Waste'
'A View From The Cycle Path'. "Sorry I'm late...the bridge was open." A very valid excuse in Amsterdam. View From The Cycle Path
On Nieuwmarkt. Tom of Workcycles polishing my Fr8 (first time since I'd bought it) for a special photo shoot. Roos of 'Ride With Me NYC' fame assisting. Photoshoot
Friends joining us for drinks. The Arrival Of Friends
Pannier action: 'Unloading' & 'Loaded Up'.
Unloading Loaded Up
'Parting Ways'
Parting Ways
Fire Department Ordinance: 'Don't Park Your Bike Here. Parked Bikes Will Be Removed.' Fire Department Ordinance: Don't Park Your Bike Here
'Meeting Point' & "Who's Going Side Saddle, You Or Me?"
Meeting Point
Stay tuned for August posts with a more themed approach.

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