A Dutch Wedding Chariot

02/09/2011 19:36 by Amsterdamize

I arrived at the Workcycles shop today to have a tire changed on Lauren's bike and I entered an all too familiar scene: two of the mechanics decorating one of the rental cargo bikes. The customer's name is Marnix & he was pressed for time, as his sister Brechtje was going to get married to Jeroen on the other side of town...and he was in charge of arranging the bride & groom's ride before & after the ceremony. So the guys helped speed up the process of making that procession even more stylish and festive. Have a look.
You have to know that this is quite a common, aka traditional thing in Amsterdam & the Netherlands to do. Hell, I've seen 30 pedicabs for wedding guests parked outside a church at one point. My summer's favorite picture is of the soon-to-be-married couple below, which I took in Vondelpark. Also a Workcycles rental cargo bike, but the bigger flatbed one. Matrimony Matrimony Matrimony
I'm sure Brechtje & Jeroen's wedding photos will turn out great. Life on two, or in this case, three wheels is bliss. Marnix, I know you'll be reading this, you'll have to let me know in the comment section whether you made it on time :).

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