BrooklynSpoke Does Amsterdam

30/12/2012 22:28 by Amsterdamize

@BrooklynSpoke & @BicycleDutch in #bikeAMS

Doug Gordon, one of New York's finest bike bloggers, author of BrooklynSpoke, was back in Amsterdam this week. We asked Mark Wagenbuur (of BicycleDutch fame) to join us on Saturday and roll around town. We got together on Dam Square and Mark asked: "What's the plan?"

"Plan? No plan, buddy, we're just going to wing it." The day's forecast supported that proposition, so we took off for something that quite quickly and naturally morphed into an impromptu beer tasting tour, sprinkled with conversations on topics close to our hearts. Life really is that easy.

Bikes and beers should be on the UN's list of tools for peace and better understanding. 

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