A 9 Minutes 45 Seconds Street Sample

01/07/2013 01:32 by Amsterdamize

Yes, video-wise, I did one of the most boring and tried things possible: I filmed from one position, one angle and virtually real-time. Virtually, because I was doing it hand-held at first and then rested the camera on a bollard. Enfin, it was a spontaneous move, it wasn't perfect. 

I merely wanted to provide a street sample like I have in the past. This time it's 9 minutes and 45 seconds of an average street (on Kerkstraat, looking at the bridge crossing Reguliersgracht) in downtown Amsterdam on a Saturday afternoon. People moving about, whichever way. Young, old and in between. Together, alone, interacting, anticipating, at ease, in a hurry, whatever, Amsterdammers and visitors/tourists alike. 

Almost 10 minutes might seem long, but I ask you to just sit back, relax and observe. Let me know what aspects tickled your fancy. 

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