Julie Hrudova

If you follow me on Twitter, you might know about Julie Hrudova. I got to know about Julie through Paddy Cahill's video project 'Riding With', intrigued as I was by the fact that Julie is a photographer. You know

The Entertainers


King of the world

I've shown you Dutch music videos over the years that one way or the other featured bicycles. Forget those.  What I'm presenting to you is something that captures the imagination a 1000x more than depth of

A 9 Minutes 45 Seconds Street Sample


Groeten uit Amsterdam

Picture yourself walking through a city where you can hear the gentle rubbing and clicking of chains and the soft mumbling of chatter and laughter. You mistakenly walk into the bicycle lane as it is your first time in

BrooklynSpoke Does Amsterdam

Rise And Shine


On a sunny, but regular spring day in early March I staked out a particular spot near Amstel river to shoot a few pictures. I also decided to record this on film, to put this photography exercise in perspective for

Seasonal Flashback

It's only fair I post this, in light of Amsterdamize's many-times-over postponed relaunch. "Every disadvantage has an advantage", a line made famous once by a Dutch football player (the European Championships

Hurt & Heart

Going around Amsterdam it's not particularly hard to capture people on bikes. They are everywhere. They take it very much for granted (a point I've often made, but meant as a positive one, what I call 'the endpoint
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